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Sweet and Smoky Oven Baked Ribs

OMG. Is this the longest week ever? I feel like weeks before long holiday weekends always last an eternity. This is like the third Thursday this week. But sadly the long weekend will be over before you can say “pumpkin spice season”. Oh yes friends, the most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us.… Continue reading Sweet and Smoky Oven Baked Ribs

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Crostini with Tomatoes and Burrata

  So I wouldn’t call today’s post a recipe so much as a PSA. As in: this weekend while the weather is still warm and tomatoes are still in season, you MUST make this simple and insanely delicious appetizer/meal/who cares what you call it. This is the definition of summer food. No precise measurements, no… Continue reading Crostini with Tomatoes and Burrata

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Veggie Breakfast Hash

Confession time. For all the fancy recipes I like to make and heavy-duty cooking I like to do, breakfast-for-dinner is my favorite dinner. And lunch. And breakfast. Basically I could eat all breakfast all the time. What’s not to love? The staples are delicious and uncomplicated. Cleanup is usually pretty easy. And eggs are so… Continue reading Veggie Breakfast Hash

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Perfect Summer Sangria

These waning days of summer always strike me as bittersweet. On one hand, my very favorite time of year, Fall-into-Thanksgiving-into-Christmas-into-yes-I-listen-to-Christmas-music-before-Halloween-thankyouverymuch, is just on the horizon. And good lord am I ready for a cool breeze and a good hair day. But at the same time, summer is coming to a close and I feel like… Continue reading Perfect Summer Sangria

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Olive Bar Pasta Salad

My grandpa was a quiet man of simple tastes with a heart of gold. He was content to let my grandma, our family’s social butterfly and current queen bee at her assisted living home, do all the talking. During family gatherings, he would sit in the midst of the chaos created by his large family… Continue reading Olive Bar Pasta Salad